Model number 182020, 182021, 182022, 182025, 182026, 182033. 182050, 182055, 182060

Before cleaning, unplug the appliance and wait for the appliance to cool down. 

Never immerse the device in water or any other liquid. 

The device is not dishwasher proof. 

Clean the pan and basket with hot water, some washing-up liquid and a non-abrasive sponge. 

The pan and basket are not dishwasher-proof. 

If dirt is stuck to the basket or the bottom of the pan, fill the pan with hot water with some washing-up liquid. Put the basket in the pan and let the pan and the basket soak for about 10 minutes. 

Clean the appliance with a damp cloth. Never use harsh and abrasive cleaners, scouring pad or steel wool, which damages the device.

Tip! Degrease your Aerofryer with lemon
Best tip to keep the inside of your Aerofryer clean: water and lemon!  

  1. Squeeze a lemon into a cup (oven proof) of water (make sure the cup fits into your Aerofryer basket);  
  2. Place the cup in the basket of your Aerofryer;
  3. Cooking time and temperature: 20 minutes at 180 degrees;
  4. Open the appliance after 20 minutes and you will see that the fat has been released;
  5. Finally, wipe a cloth through the inside of your device and dry thoroughly.

For warranty reasons but also for your own safety. Do not dismantle the product or its components (do not remove screws, etc. to make it easier to clean). This is not the intention. This will invalidate your guarantee and may lead to unsafe situations.