To maintain the suction power and extend the service life of the unit, please clean the vacuum cleaner regularly according to these steps.

Step 1

Open the dirt collection container by pressing the release button on the container.

Remove all dirt from the container.

Step 2

Unlock the coarse dirt filter (a lock is shown on the container).

Remove the coarse dirt filter and clean it.

Step 4

Remove the HEPA filter.

Clean it by lightly tapping or brushing.

Operation of the vacuum cleaner is only allowed when the HEPA filter is installed.

Step 5

Clean the suction pipe in the tank.

Clean the tank completely from the inside.

If there is still dirt in the suction pipe, try to remove it.

(As soon as grains or other contaminants enter the motor, it may be damaged).

Step 6

Check if the brush is clean and if the brush bar can still go round without obstructions.

Washable filters

Some vacuum cleaner have washable filters, to clean these filters:

Turn the washable filter counter clockwise and remove it from the filter cone. Remove the dust over a waste bin. Rinse the filters with lukewarm water and leave to dry for at least 24 hours. When the filter is completely dry, install the filter in the vacuum cleaner and turn clockwise until tight.

This solution is suitable for all stick vacuum cleaners from Princess